Creative Leadership is becoming a must-have factor in organisations striving to stay ahead of the curve and maintain or better their market position and their propensity for innovation.

In all sectors, from Education to Manufacturing, innovation and the ability to positively manage and develop innovation are becoming critical elements of leadership success. Jump-starting existing leaders and inspiring their teams into a more creative ethos is central to innovative development in both product- and service-led organisations.

We draw on extensive experience in training and consultancy designed to effect significant leaps forward in work patterns, team ethos and organisational culture for improved creativity in process and leadership. We offer bespoke delivery in the following areas:

  • Strategic Management Consultancy
  • Building Creative Teams
  • Developing and Utilising Creative Spaces
  • Workshops in Creative Techniques
  • Management Development
  • Future Leaders
  • Coaching and Mentoring Programmes for Effective Leaders
  • Leadership in Higher Education
  • Creativity in Business