Risk Intelligent Decision Making

Whether strategic or operational, decisions can only be as good as the information they are based on – which means that risk, as well as costs and benefits must be understood.  High performing organisations make risk intelligent decisions and prioritise their efforts accordingly – and to do this consistently requires an effective framework which provides a view on risk when it is needed.

So what makes an effective framework?  Well probably not one which works only according to a predetermined cycle.  Whilst regular risk reviews undoubtedly have an important role in an effective framework, a view on risk needs to be forward looking and relevant at the time decision are made and priorities set.  We believe that effective frameworks are grounded in the fabric of an organisation, to capture the expertise, judgements and opinions that matter to the delivery of objectives.

There is no one size fits all and 5 by 5 Associates is expert across the range of techniques to be fitted to the needs of your organization – on diverse  platforms from reliable use of spreadsheets to enterprise wide solutions.  More than this, we combine organisational development expertise with the Board level experience needed to ensure the approach works for all: team members whose judgement delivery of objectives depends on through to those accountable for governance.

We’re flexible and have the experience to work swiftly accurately and constructively, tailoring services which include:

  • Independent risk review and due diligence opinion
  • Risk framework effectiveness review and process development
  • Risk identification facilitation
  • Risk analysis, including quantified cost and schedule risk assessment using Monte Carlo analysis
  • Contingency – stress testing and resilience assessment
  • Risk training and coaching
  • Interim risk management

If you would like to know more, our details can be found on the contact page – we always welcome opportunities to explore how we can be of help.