5-by-5 Associates is an consultancy business which provides organisations with an independent and objective perspective on their approach to risk.  Working collaboratively, we help ensure that risks are suitably identified, assessed and managed and also that planning and decision making are suitably risk informed.

Our Principal, Dr Alistair Bird, is a highly experienced advisory and due diligence consultant.  A seasoned business leader, manager and engineer he works with teams to establish an open culture where risk and issues are raised. Alistair can provide informed and objective challenge and supports development of resilient mitigation plans.  Many years management systems experience means that Alistair is able to swiftly develop and implement systems which set the right balance between a suitably light touch and providing the levels of assurance that stakeholders need.  Alistair is a Chartered Engineer (FIMechE), a Member of the Association for Project Management (MAPM) and has held senior management/Board positions in technical services and environmental consultancy businesses.

What’s in a name ?   To risk specialists, “5 by 5”  is a commonly used matrix for plotting the likelihood and probability of a risk. The risk matrix is at the core of an effective risk system – at a strategic level it allows organisations to communicate risk appetite and operationally is central to embedding risk into decision making.  To non risk specialists, “five by five” may be recognised from the radio world, signifying the clearest combination of readability and signal strength. For 5by5 Associates we associate this with symbolising clarity and persuasion – key components of the way we partner with the teams we work with.

As well as offering Alistair’s services, we area able to provide specialist input from a network of  “Associates” built up over many years working in the oil and gas, offshore renewables and marine cables sectors.  5 by 5 welcomes enquiries both from potential clients and from experienced consultants interested in joining our network.