Environmental Performance can be central to maintaining reputation and a licence to operate. For new projects in harsh or sensitive environments, it is one of the main sources of schedule risk.

Projects in sensitive locations draw on a broad range of specialist environmental and ecological expertise. Planning the various work-streams and integrating findings into the engineering and project management systems and decision making of the rest of the project is often a major challenge.

We have over 20 years experience working where engineering meets the environment, helping projects and organisations improve performance, reduce compliance costs and protect reputation through the following services:

  • Corporate Environmental advice (Policies, objectives, programme development),
  • Environmental management systems (ISO14001) development, environmental management plans
  • Corporate environmental reporting support,
  • Interim Environmental Lead
  • Environmental Issues identification (ENVID) workshop facilitation,
  • BAT (Best Available Technique) screening and assessment support,
  • Emissions and atmospheric inventory development and review,
  • KPI development and Environmental data management